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The VirCamp - Social Work Virtual Campus project arises from the cooperation of six European universities within the EUSW Network (European Platform for Global Social Work), originated in the VIRCLASS project (Virtual Classroom for Social Work in Europe), and is currently coordinated by the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).

Both VirCamp and its predecessor VIRCLASS are pioneering programs in the international teaching of Social Work, which operate through a virtual classroom and e-learning platforms.

They involve students and faculty from European and international universities that are members of the VirCamp consortium, including the Faculty of Social Work at UCM (founding member of the consortium).

The VirCamp modules are developed entirely in English, and the ECTS obtained are integrated into the official curriculum of the Degree in Social Work as optional subjects and Erasmus+ students who visit us can also enroll in them:



                                     Social Work Virtual Campus


All Vircamp courses will be graded in June of the academic year.