Areas and Services



The Faculty of Social Work is connected to the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, so it shares common areas such as the cafeteria canteen for students and another one for professors and administration and services staff,  the assembly hall, the library, the print service, green areas, etc. 

Our Faculty is distinguished by the its colours which are painted on the columns:

      On the ground floor the columns are painted orange, the colour of social work.

      On the first floor the columns are painted purple, which represents the struggle of women for equality and against discrimination.

      On the second floor, the columns are painted with the colour of the LGBT flag, symbol of pride in sexual and gender diversity.

The classrooms are numbered according to the floor where they are located, for example classroom 109 is located on the ground floor, classroom 215 on the first floor and classroom 312 on the second floor.

   Areas and Services Guide